How do I edit a distribution name when searched through GAL (Global Address List)

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Let's say I have a distribution list with that has an alias
I would like for when the user starts typing analytics in the "To" field of a new email to show and not show the primary or alias.
Is there a way to change what comes up in GAL when a user starts typing a keyword? Is it possible for me to pick an email address that comes up through GAL when a user starts typing in a keyword?

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  1. Tasadduq Burney 8,456 Reputation points MVP

    It is not possible to directly control which email address appears when a user starts typing a keyword in the "To" field of a new email using the Global Address List (GAL). The email addresses that appear when a user starts typing are based on the email addresses that are stored in the GAL, and the order in which they appear is determined by the email client or the Exchange server.

    However, you can try a few workarounds that might help to achieve your goal:

    1. Create a distribution group with the desired email address ( and add the and to that group. This way, when the user types analytics in the "To" field, the new distribution group will show up in GAL, instead of the primary or alias email addresses.
    2. Use an email signature with a specific text, when the user start typing the text in the "To" field, the will show up, the user will be able to select it and it will automatically insert the correct email address.
    3. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, you can create a custom form with a field that auto-populates the when the user starts typing analytics.
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