Assign permissions to active directory though security groups

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I'm in process of remove all users from domain admin and assign them the rights which they need in ad

Can someone please let me know which rights I need to give

Support_Senior - Able to do anything within active directory (Join to domain, edit/update/create/delete users/computers, create/delete/update OU)

Support_Tech - should be able to join computer to domain. edit/update/create/delete users/computers should not be able to create/delete/update OU

Active Directory
Active Directory
A set of directory-based technologies included in Windows Server.
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    Hi @lalajee ,

    This is a good approach to improve security state of your active directory.

    Regarding AD objects, you can based on structure organizational Unit set delegations to give permission to a user or security group to manage objects under a specific organizational unit.

    For your case you can create two security group : one for Senior and one for tech.

    Senior group will have full control on all objects in the OU and tech group will have control only on computer objects as mentioned in the article below:


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