Powershell check user in group and then add if not a member

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The script below keeps dropping into the 'Automation has failed...' else statement once a user has been added into a security group. I can see that the user has been added but need the additional check to write the output as these outputs are being used in a workflow in ServiceNow to determine the next action to be taken.

I'm not a windows administrator and don't use PS that often but the logic looks sound to me. Wondering if I need to 'wait' a certain amount of time to do the additional check to give the domain controllers chance to replicate? Hench it coming back as a failure?

Appreciate any assistance.

# Get the user and group information
$user = get-aduser $UserName -server $UserController -credential $MyCredentials
$group = get-adgroup $GroupName -server $DomainController -credential $MyCredentials
$members = Get-ADGroupMember -server $DomainController -credential $MyCredentials -Identity $GroupName -Recursive |Select -ExpandProperty distinguishedName

# Check group membership

If ($members -contains $user) {
    Write-Host("User exists in the group")
    Set-ADObject -identity $group -add @{member=$user.DistinguishedName} -server $DomainController -credential $MyCredentials	
	If ($members -contains $user) {
    		Write-Host("User successfully added to group")
		Else {
			Write-Host("Automation has failed, user not added to group")
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    This line: If ($members -contains $user) {

    Should be: If ($members -contains $user.distinguishedname) {

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