Different behaviour of Ctrl-N for my app on desktop or under Azure

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Hi all,

I start our App on my computer and use the shortcut Ctrl-N (meaning File > New) to create a new File.

On my desktop, under Windows 10 or 11 or on a Windows Server OS, it works.

Under Azure, despite the fact that my App has the focus, Ctrl-N results in opening a new Internet Browser.

How can we troubleshoot this incident please ?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. srbhatta-MSFT 8,536 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello ,

    Welcome to Microsoft QnA.

    If you have an application opened and selected to be in forefront (not background) that supports the shortcut Ctrl+N, a new file will be created. (For eg - Vistual Studio Code)

    If you do not have the application running on forefront, then selecting Ctrl+N will result in opening a fresh browser tab.

    I am not sure what you mean by "Under Azure". Do you mean any application running on a VM on Azure or any specific Azure service where you are trying this shortcut?

    My advice to you would be to check if the application you are talking about supports the shortcut Ctrl+N for creating a new file.

    Please reach back to me by adding your comments here if you have any questions.

    Hope this helps :)

    Please accept as answer if the above information is helpful.

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  1. Philippe Bélanger 20 Reputation points

    Hi, I have some precisions to give I did not have before.

    "Under Azure" in our case relies on Windows Virtual Desktop on a virtual machine created and running on an Azure Server.

    We have two ways of starting our app in this configuration, either with Remote Desktop or RemoteApp.

    In the case of Remote Desktop, the entire virtual machine appears inside the Azure browser window and we start our App in this window.

    In the case of RemoteApp, only our Application can be used inside the browser window.

    Our devops guys have created a pipeline which takes our app as an input and generates the virtual machine running on Azure. In the configuration, we have checked that Keyboard redirection is "not configured". Maybe this is the source of our problem. However, there are three possible options for this parameter and it seems they are mutually exclusive : 1-Remote Desktop only when the app has the focus, 2-Remote Desktop only when the application is in full screen 3- Remote App when the application has the focus.

    What would be your suggestions please ?

    Philippe Belanger

  2. Philippe Bélanger 20 Reputation points

    Hi, we have finally observed that it does work with Remote App or Remote Desktop BUT only when the application is in Full Screen Mode.

    It does not depend at all on the KeyBoard Redirection Configuration value.

    It seems weird to us so if any of you as any clue to share, we're still interested.



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