Shell Navigation and passing Parameter Values

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Hi friends, I was wondering how to pass multiple parameters. I can pass one parameter for now... ?Name={Name}


Task Navigate() =>
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    If you want to pass multiple parameters, you can send them by Dictionary. Or create an object that contain these parameters. put this Object to the Dictionary and send it, here is a similar thread: Passing Parameters using QueryParameter in MAUI.

     Package package=  new Package() { packageId = lbl.Text, packageName = "yourpageName" };  
     var navigationParameter = new Dictionary<string, object> { { "MyPackage", package } };  
     await Shell.Current.GoToAsync($"MyPage2", navigationParameter);  

    You can get this object in the MyPage2's background code.

    [QueryProperty(nameof(MyPackage), "MyPackage")]  
       public partial class MyPage2 : ContentPage  
           public Package MyPackage  
           public MyPage2()  
          public async void ShowMessage(Package package)  
               var id = package.packageId;  
               var name = package.packageName;  
              await DisplayAlert("Query", id+ name, "Ok");  

    If you want to get these parameters in the ViewModel, you need to achieve IQueryAttributable interface and get parameters in the ApplyQueryAttributes method.

    public class Page2ViewModel : IQueryAttributable
        public void ApplyQueryAttributes(IDictionary<string, object> query)
           Package myPackage= query["MyPackage"] as Package;
           var id=  myPackage.packageId;
           var packageName= myPackage.packageName 

    Here is a document about passing and processing multiple items of data in shell with QueryProperty.

    Best Regards,

    Leon Lu

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