How do I create a work account so I can stop using my personal account for my projects?

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Before I formed my LLC, I signed up a few years back to get a Visual Studio Pro license (the cloud subscription one that comes with the $50/month Azure credits), and then started experimenting with Azure. Fast forward a few years, and I decided I had a viable product and formed an actual registered LLC.

As it stands, all my billing details and projects are tied to my personal Microsoft sign in email. I have been trying to figure out how to create what Microsoft calls a "work account" since now I need to switch the billing to use my LLC's credit card instead of my personal credit card (for many obvious reasons, taxes and proper accounting being at the top of the list) but for some reason this seems to be a very complex topic. From what I've seen, it looks like I have to subscribe to say Office 365 for business (which I don't need at all, I'm just 1 person and it also isn't something I have a use for) but even that I'm not sure of.

So, here's what I want to know: I have an LLC. Do I have to create some sort of account for my business first (and if so, HOW do I do that?) and THEN create a work account using my work email? Or, since I'm only interested in having a work account for Azure (like I said, don't need Office), is there some way within Azure that I'm supposed to make a work account? And again, do I need to make an account for the company AS WELL AS myself? I guess I'm just thoroughly confused on how to even make a work account for my brand-new company, since as I understand it, this account will be used across all MS services (like if I say decided to purchase a business license for something else at a later date)

I know there's a lot of details regarding moving between AD tenants, that's a whole other topic I have bookmarked. What I just need to figure out right now is how do I create a new work account for my brand-new company without having to buy something I don't need (Office 365) so I can start the process of transferring all my personal Azure stuff over to my new and separate work account?

Thanks a ton!

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Microsoft Entra ID
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    You can create a Work account using Azure Active Directory.

    Work accounts are related to Azure AD and are usually associated with Azure Active Directory and M365. You may need to add your business domain (Custom Domain) so you can create an account like: