One step forward and two steps back!

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OK, latest idiotic problem.

I posted an answer to a question.

I wanted to add 2 code blocks, one for each of 2 Forms . I had done this previously, but this time, I couldn't manage to add a second code block. OK, so I figured I would just add the 2 form code to the end of the first code block and comment appropriately. This did not go well as I ended up with a huge surplus of code which I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DELETE! This surplus was due to my copy/paste/paste/paste as it appeared to have not pasted when it just pasted it out of sight - not a very good idea.

Is this forum just someone's idea of a laugh?

Is the Microsoft standing policy - 'just release any old garbage and fix as you go along'

The old fashioned 1 step forward and 2 steps back!

I suppose my only option is to just leave the forum.

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