How can I find the best employee match

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Hi all;

Is there an Azure ML service where I can pass it the following for several hundred people:

  1. Their resume (probably PDF)
  2. Their LinkedIn username
  3. Several paragraphs of text (that they entered describing their job skills)

And I then pass in a search term such as "web designer." And the service returns to me those individuals that look like a good match for that job skill, ranked in order of how good a match they are.

Is there a service that does this? Seems like this would be gigantic for HR departments.

thanks - dave

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  1. romungi-MSFT 41,236 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    David Thielen There are azure cognitive services offerings that help you to do some of the tasks that you have requested but they might fall short of executing the complete workflow. Let me try to detail on what services work best for the tasks above.

    • Reading resume/documents

    You can use Azure computer vision read API, Azure form recognizer or Azure cognitive search to read text from a PDF document or parse text in the document and use these results in your application or store them to a database. Azure cognitive search though enables you to import the files and index them for search later and it can also enable built in enrichment skills text and image processing during indexing. This might be ideal if you want to use a search feature for your application.

    • LinkedIn Username

    There is no cognitive service offering that can verify a linkedin user based on username search. I think linkedin offers some APIs for search but I am not sure about the scope this offering. You can however use this input as an entity to search for user from your dataset if you use cognitive search.

    • Text summarization

    I believe your intent is to summarize the text entered by user to extract key features. If that is the case, there is a preview feature from Azure language service to summarize text that could help in this regard. This result can then be stored in your DB or displayed to the HR whenever they load the text in your application.

    To summarize, there is currently no single service that can directly perform this task but it could be possible to achieve this in the future using the Azure OpenAI offering to load text and rank users based on certain search criteria. This is exactly as OpenAI's chatgpt but offered under Azure for some models with all capabilities and security that Azure offers with all its other services. This service is currently open to users who request it and if you satisfy the criteria for the same you will be able to try some of these scenarios.

    I hope this helps!!

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