trying to find .net SDK to fetch subscription and service limits

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Working on solution to develop a function to fetch the subscription limits using SDK or and REST API, then fetch existing usage with a subscription, calculate the difference between limit vs usage and add some alerts around when usage reaches close 85%. Trying to find the SDK which returns the subscription level limits, referred below doc which talks about the service limits but looking for SDK .

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Azure Functions
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  1. MuthuKumaranMurugaachari-MSFT 21,641 Reputation points

    @srikanth sankabathula Thanks for posting in Microsoft Q&A. For managing Azure resources, use Azure.ResourceManager namespace and here is .NET SDK reference: Microsoft Azure Resource Manager client library for .NET SDK

    However, service limits for subscription are not included in Rest API and hence SDK cannot support it. If you are in need of this feature, feel free to submit feedback via forum and our product team can review and prioritize it. Others can also upvote your ideas.

    For service specific, check for namespaces starting with Azure.ResourceManager. in the reference and for example, Azure.ResourceManager.Compute for compute resources (ComputeUsage).

    I hope this helps with your question and let us know if any questions.

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  1. srikanth sankabathula 46 Reputation points

    Hi @MuthuKumaran Murugaachari , in PS Get-AzNetworkUsage -location returns a list of network resourceType and it limits as shown below, do we have a SDK that we can use to fetch similar information ? Regards Sri