Upload a file on one drive using microsoft graph api in c# asp.net

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I have one question,I want to upload a file on one drive and it is worked properly in console application but not  in web application. Please help me

here below is my sample console application code.


 var clientID = "
            var clientSec = "****";
            var tenant = "****";
            var userID = "***";

            var filePath = @"C:\onedrivedoc\LRN DRAFT retail (1).docx";
            var fileName = "LRN DRAFT retail (1).docx";

            IConfidentialClientApplication confidentialClientApplication = ConfidentialClientApplicationBuilder

            ClientCredentialProvider authProvider = new ClientCredentialProvider(confidentialClientApplication);
            var graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(authProvider);

            StreamReader reader = System.IO.File.OpenText(filePath);

            var uploadedFile = graphClient.Users[userID].Drive.Root.ItemWithPath(fileName).Content.Request().PutAsync
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  1. Carlos Solís Salazar 10,971 Reputation points

    To grant Permission for your App registration, you require to follow the next steps:

    1. In the navigation pane, click API permissions.
    2. Click Add a permission. The Request API permissions pane appears.
    3. Click Microsoft Graph tile.
    4. Click Application permissions.
    5. Select the following permissions:
      • Directory: Directory.Read.All
      • Files: Files.ReadWrite.All
      • User: User.Read.All
      • Notes: Notes.ReadWrite.All
      • Application: Application.ReadWrite.All
    6. Click Add permissions.
    7. Click Add a permission. The Request API permissions pane appears.
    8. Click Grant admin consent for tenant_name.
    9. Click Yes.

    Hope this helps!

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