High memory consumption with AKS v1.25.2

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Since the day I have updated the AKS to v1.25.2, I can see huge spikes and node memory pressure issues.

Nodes are always consuming 135 to 140% of memory.. Till the time I was at 1.24.9 everything was working fine.

Just now, I saw that port.azure.com has removed the v1.25.2 version from Create new-->Azure kubernetes cluster section. Does this version of AKS has any problem. Should we immediately switch to any other version for resolving memory issue.

Problem areas

  1. These 2 pods out of 9 of them
    • ama-logs
    • ama-logs-rs Takes more that 400 Mi of memory.. Its very difficult to accommodate them in B2S nodes.
  2. These 16 pods(8 each)
    • csi-azuredisk-node
    • csi-azurefile-node Takes 910 Mi of memory. I even raised the support ticket but customer support was unable to figure out whether we are using them or not. In addition, unable to suggest that when we should keep or why we should keep.
  3. I have also observed that AKS 1.24.x version had ubuntu 18 but AKS 1.25.x version has ubuntu 22.

Could you please suggest some resolution. Thank you.

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My AKS Configuration:- 8 nodes of Standard B2s size as its a non-prod environment.

Pod structure:- Below are the listed pods and their memory consumption except the default microsoft pods(which are taking 4705 Mi of memory in total) running inside cluster

  • Dameon set of AAD pod identity:- Taking total 191 Mi of memory
  • Total 2 pods of kong :- Taking total 914 Mi Memory
  • Daemon set of twistlock vulnerability scanner:- Taking total 1276 Mi of memory
  • Total 10 pods of our .net microservices:- Taking total 820 Mi of memory
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    Is there any fix provided for high memory usage ?

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