Does SQL Server Distributed Availability Group support an Active/Active Configuration

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In total there would be 4 participating nodes and 2 instances. Node 1 will be the primary node for instance 1 and Node 2 will be the primary node for instance 2. Likewise global primary and the forwarded will change as well for the instances and its respecting AGs being built. Is such a configuration possible or are there any limitations preventing such a construct to be built? Any suggestion/help would be appreciated. Have put up a rough arch. diagram on what is being planned for.

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  1. Rehan Razak 5 Reputation points

    Have successfully created the Dist. AVG across the data centers.

    There's been a change in architecture from my initial description; instead of multiple instances, we have multiple AVG. The production environment at Data Center 1 (DC1) has two AVGs configured with two listeners. That is, NODE_1 is primary for AVG_1 with LIST_1, and NODE_2 is primary for AVG_2 with LIST_2. DR requirements specify that the same environment be created at DC2 and that the databases sync across DCs.

    In the DR environment, we created a 2-node AlwaysOn AG and configured two AVGs (AVG_3 and AVG_4). Then we created two distributed availability groups connecting AVG_1 to AVG_3 and AVG_2 to AVG_4.

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  2. CosmogHong-MSFT 19,986 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Rehan Razak

    Please refer to this article introducing configuration of SQL Server AlwaysOn High availability Group for two nodes. Configuring a SQL Server AlwaysOn High Availability Group.

    Also, the number of nodes in the availability group will depend on customer requirements, as will the name of the nodes and listener. When creating the database during the installation process you will point to the address of the group listener.

    See: Active/Active Deployment Model.

    Best regards,

    Cosmog Hong

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  3. Erland Sommarskog 98,731 Reputation points

    What exactly do you have in mind? Your description is somewhat abstract.

    But if the idea is that if the same logical database should be active at both nodes, the answer is no. Only one database can be writable at a time.

    Or is the idea is that database A is located on data centre X with two replicas, and data centre Y you have the other part of the DAG for database A. And then you have database B which has its primary in data centre Y, and then there is a DAG where the other end is X, and these two DAGs are on the same set of machines? I don't know for certain, but I seem to recall that there is a restriction that you can only have one DAG on the same machine. So, nor not would that work out.

  4. Edwin M Sarmiento 256 Reputation points

    Does SQL Server Distributed Availability Group support an Active/Active Configuration

    What is your ultimate goal?