Why does the Azure DevOps build take so long?

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I'm working on a very simple UWP app. I getting back to work on it, after a long delay, so I'd forgotten that I'd set up continuous integration in Azure DevOps build pipeline, until I got an email from Azure DevOps informing me of the success of the build.

But it took 25 minutes to complete the build!!

Why did it take so long? On my 6 year old desktop it completes a build in no more than 30 seconds.

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    Roy Li - MSFT 26,391 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    Currently, Microsoft Q&A is under public preview. All the topics that supported are listed in the right top. Questions about Azure DevOps is not in the scope of the supported topics.

    For questions about Azure DevOps, please ask in Azure DevOps in Developer Community.

    Thank you.

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