how python finds where to environment variables if same variable is defined in two files

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There are two files for storing the environment variables such as

  1. local.settings.json file
  2. .env file

I know that Azure Functions Project will pick up the environment variables from the file local.settings.json but how it ignores the .env file because it is also does the same job in python projects.

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  1. MuthuKumaranMurugaachari-MSFT 22,211 Reputation points

    Vaishnavi Thanks for posting this question in Microsoft Q&A. Based on the statement above, I assume you are running Azure Function locally, which uses Azure Function Core Tools. Currently, there is no support for .env file in Azure Function Core Tools which means it never tries to process the file at all. Hence. only local.settings.json is supported (refer #1129).

    In other python projects, there might be a package or library (like python-dotenv library which has load_dotenv()) that can be used code to import .env file. That's not case in Function Core Tools and feel free to check the source code in GitHub

    To add more context, for example, it loads local.settings.json and used it other places.

    I hope this helps with your question and feel free to add a comment if you have any other questions. Would be happy to answer.

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