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Good morning,

I'm an new user, for a few days I've had some doubts about the privacy settings of the Remote Desktop tool (RDW - wvd web client).

I have an account given to me by the organization I belong to, and I use it to connect to my fixed workstation in my office from home, via the Azure RDW Web Client (from the browser).

Being that the device from which I connect is my personal PC and I also use this PC in the evening on my own for my personal business, I wonder:

Does my organization receive data on what I do on my Local Computer (my resources, my web searches, other browser tabs open, etc) while connected to the remote connection on my desktop work PC (from my personal PC)? Precisely does the browser session send precise data of any kind to my company?

I have this doubt, because it would be a violation of my privacy, I could do personal research during breaks and it would not be correct for my company to know what I do on my local PC. Being that my PC is precisely my personal. From which I only have the remote connection to the fixed work PC (company resource).

Can anyone answer me?

Thank you.

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    Up please….can anyone answer?

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    It's okay, no one will know what you're doing.

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    Hello GBpe56

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Platform, thanks for posting your query here.

    RD Web Client doesn't collect any search history from his local device. In general, the user can check out our privacy dashboard My Account (microsoft.com)You need to sign in with your organizational account.

    When using RD Web to access AVD, your organization can collect service diagnostics data that usually comprises of the OS and OS version that you use and the browser and browser version you are using to access AVD.

    Beyond that, there isn't much data collected from the endpoint if you use the web client.

    The first point of contact for you will be your IT Admin for any further details, as these settings are driven by their configuration.

    Hope this helps.

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