How to rename a column name in a GRIDXLAYOUTXML code.

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I've been using an ERP software at my job, it's a construction company. To be succinct, I need to rename the columns that appear on the work screen. I'm not the developer of this software and I don't have access to the database, but as you can see in the print screen below, users have access to the gridxlayoutxml code, to manipulate which columns you want to show on the work screen. But I need to rename the original names of each column (since it is necessary to put the names of this column in Portuguese, it is from Brazil). Here is an example:

    <property name="Item58" isnull="true" iskey="true">
      <property name="Name">colGoalProcessFinishDate</property>
      <property name="Rename">Meta"</property>
      <property name="VisibleIndex">7</property>
      <property name="Visible">true</property>
      <property name="Width">77</property>
      <property name="MinWidth">20</property>
      <property name="MaxWidth">0</property>

In this example I need to rename the column name "GoalProcessFinishDate" to "Meta" it is the same meaning in Portuguese. On the third line I put the rename function, but it didn't work.

Here is the print screen from the software.

enter image description here

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    Hello Filipe,

    It looks like the issue you're facing might be difficult to resolve through Microsoft Q&A. The ERP software you're using is closed source and owned by Lumina IT Company.

    I suggest reaching out to Lumina IT Company's support team at or +55 (11) 98205-4403 to get the best assistance with your issue. They may need to make changes to the code, and this could potentially come at a cost, depending on your support contract with the company.

    Alternatively, there might be a way to customize the software to fit your needs, as is the case with Microsoft's ERP.
    Lumina IT Company would be the best resource to guide you on this.

    Please, if this answer is helpful, click "Accept Answer" and kindly upvote it. If you have extra questions about this answer, please let me know.

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