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I am currently looking for a simple solution to trigger the Recording of a Teams Meeting as is done by pressing the "Start Recording" button in Teams from the backend (i.e. using Graph API). I am aware of the policy-based recording and the whole process described here and the policy recording bot sample here. That is too complicated for my use case. As I understand, this requires going through the MS certification process for the application - as the updateRecordingStatus endpoint only works when the bot is invited into the call using the policy - if it is invited manually, it returns 403.
The whole process of making the policy is really not necessary in my case. I can already get the streams and save them myself anyway by storing the MediaSession streams my bot gets. What I want instead, is simply triggering the Azure Cloud recording that gets activated when I press the "Start Recording" button in the client. I would then like to download that using the shared link (I guess that is possibly by retrieving the link from the chat using the Graph API?) - is there a valid way to do this?
I know there is the possibility of setting the "isRecordingEnabled" property when creating the Meeting from the Graph API, however in my case, I would like to trigger this for already ongoing meetings, and as far as I can see, there is no way of doing this using the patch call.
Is there some way to do this I have missed? Is there a way to request this? This seems like a basic feature - I do not want to use my own recording storage solution - just the one already present in teams.
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