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Hell all,

I need to resize my active directory virtual machine because its running out of memory.

Its SKU now is F2s_v2 and looking for another one without increasing costs so much.

So, I thinking to resize from F2s_v2 to D2as__v4, but as the first one is described as 2x performance boots for vector processing workload and the second is described as general purpose needs, would be a good choice? I mean, AD Role need to be hosted in a SKU 2x performance boots for vector processing workload ?

Thanks in advance,

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    D2asv4 should be acceptable upgrade from F2sv2 if your main goal is to increase RAM. Based on Azure Compute Units (ACU) the D2asv4 is a little faster (230-260 vs 195-210), RAM is double, and disk I/O is basically the same and cost is not much more.

    Keep in mind if the new SKU isn't enough power it is easy to increase it if needed.

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    Hello Alex Toniati

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Platform, thanks for posting your query here.

    Adding to previous repones of TP, The decision to resize your virtual machine depends on several factors, including the workload and resource requirements of your active directory service.

    The F2s_v2 SKU is designed for vector processing workloads and may offer better performance in scenarios that involve heavy data processing, while the D2as_v4 SKU is a general-purpose SKU that provides a balanced mix of CPU, memory, and disk resources.

    As active directory workload is not a vector processing workload, you may not need the specialized features provided by the F2s_v2 SKU. The D2as_v4 SKU should be sufficient to meet your needs and offer more memory, which is the primary concern for your current workload.

    However, it's important to note that changing the SKU of your virtual machine can cause downtime and may require additional configuration changes.

    Hope this helps.

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