Can/Will PDF files get usable document actions (e.g. download) when using driveitem: preview?

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Hello, we are using the MS Graph API "driveItem: preview" to show a list of M365 files in our SaaS application. We are happy how all file types are opened except PDF files. Those get rendered in a OneDrive preview window without any interaction options (e.g. download file or open source). Basically users can just view the PDF.

Question: Will PDFs get a more usable preview than the current one?

As a workaround we implemented an exception for PDF files to open in the Library view in SharePoint via another API endpoint. A downside of this is that we now lose the option of short lived URLs. This was quite a nice benefit for users to already see the file without login, since we can't forward the session from our Saas where the user is logged in to M365 to the external browser where the file opened. Most likely an issue for native mobile usage. And ofc writing exceptions in the code would have been also something we hoped to avaid.

Any feedback is welcome. Thank you in advance.Microsoft_Partner_badge_guidelines_May_201911_pdf

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