How to get higher resolution streetside images?

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I am building a transit tracker app and I would like to display a picture of the bus stop in my app.

Looking at the streetside image returned by the API it's very low quality.

I am not really interesting in building a panorama or seeing adjacent images. I just need a single image. How can I get a higher resolution image?

And also what are all the parameters I can use with the streetside API end point? Can I use a resolution parameter?

This article doesn't seem to mention any except the coordinates and API key?

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  1. rbrundritt 15,231 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    You will have to look at alternate data providers for imagery. Some transit authorities make the kind of imagery you are asking for available. might also be an option.

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  2. IoTGirl 2,976 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @noname ,

    I can confirm that you are correct that Enterprise keys have access to higher resolution results than Basic keys but that is for more typical imagery, not Streetside. I reached out to our Imagery team, and they have a specific answer for you, based on the unique nature of Streetside tiles:

    It sounds to me like the poster is asking more about zoom level in the image. For streetside, we have a fieldOfView parameter that specifies how wide of a view the image should have (in degrees)

    Parameter Alias Description Values
    fieldOfView fov Optional, for Streetside. Specifies the horizontal field of view in degrees that should be shown in the image. It’s a way of specifying the zoom level of the image. Either 'fieldOfView' or 'zoomLevel' should be specified in the request, not both. An integer between 15 and 120. Example: fieldOfView=90

      If you make that fov smaller, it will show less of the image, but zoom in so the resulting image should be more detailed.

    So, specifically in the specific case of Streetside, you really need to take the directionality of the ask into account.

    Sincerely, IoTGirl

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