Which Web Deploy Versions are End of Life?

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I'm having a hard time tracking down any life cycle information on Web Deploy. I know that WebPI reached end of life 12/2022 but that seems to only be a way to install Web Deploy, not the actual component itself. I see that Web Deploy 1.1 released in 2010 but there's no EOS info online. It looks like Web Deploy 4.0 is still in use and 3.6 can still be downloaded from Microsoft. Are earlier versions considered end of life or do they fall under the component life cycle of a specific OS/Visual Studio version? Thanks for any help, compliance can be a pain. :D

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  1. Yurong Dai-MSFT 2,771 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Josh B,

    The following is the life cycle of the early web deploy version:

    • Web Deployment Tool 1.0, released 2009-09, Support and Maintenance have been discontinued.
    • Web Deployment Tool 1.1, released 2010-01, Support and Maintenance have been discontinued.
    • Web Deployment Tool 2.0, released 2011-04, Support and Maintenance have been discontinued.
    • Web Deployment Tool 2.1, released 2011-04, Support and Maintenance have been discontinued.
    • Web Deploy 3.0, released 2012-07, Support and Maintenance have been discontinued.
    • Web Deploy 3.5, released 2013-07, Mainstream Support Services ended 2018-07.

    Currently Web Deploy 3.6 is still a supported version and can be downloaded from this link. Web Deploy 4 is provided as part of Visual Studio, and does not install any server-side components on IIS.

    VS 2022 is responsible for having Web Deploy 4 installed, not the Windows Server components. However, installing Web Deploy 4 prevents the Web Deploy 3.6 installer from running, it exits with an error message, a newer version is installed... The solution is to uninstall Web Deploy 4, then download and install Web Deploy 3.6. So Web Deploy 3.6 server components are usually enough for end users, so there is no need to upgrade to 4.0.

    In short, Earlier versions of Web Deploy have reached end of life and are no longer supported. If you are using an earlier version of Web Deploy, it is recommended that you upgrade to version 3.6 for better security and stability, and support services provided by Microsoft.

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    Yurong Dai

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  1. Michael Taylor 47,461 Reputation points

    Note: My understand of this tool, not an official response.

    It is a tool, not part of the OS so there really is no formal EOL information for it. You should ideally be using the latest version that is available but of course it isn't part of Windows Updates so it is up to you to download it yourself.

    Most people are using modern CI/CD tools like Azure DevOps or Github Actions so managing this kind of stuff has fallen to the wayside in lieu of using whatever version is manually installed on the machine.

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