Missing features errors in current farm while working on cumulative updates

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After patching upgrade that is after running psconfig command, With respect to few databases we are seeing errors like features are missing in the current farm , I want to eliminate those missing features from farm. Is there way to do it?

please suggest.


We are not allowed to install any tool in the server to

Remove features

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    Hi @sns,

    You can remove missing feature using PowerShell:

    function Remove-SPFeatureFromContentDB($ContentDb, $FeatureId, [switch]$ReportOnly)  
        $db = Get-SPDatabase | where { $_.Name -eq $ContentDb }  
        [bool]$report = $false  
        if ($ReportOnly) { $report = $true }  
        $db.Sites | ForEach-Object {  
            Remove-SPFeature -obj $_ -objName "site collection" -featId $FeatureId -report $report  
            $_ | Get-SPWeb -Limit all | ForEach-Object {  
                Remove-SPFeature -obj $_ -objName "site" -featId $FeatureId -report $report  
    function Remove-SPFeature($obj, $objName, $featId, [bool]$report)  
        $feature = $obj.Features[$featId]  
        if ($feature -ne $null) {  
            if ($report) {  
                write-host "Feature found in" $objName ":" $obj.Url -foregroundcolor Red  
                try {  
                    $obj.Features.Remove($feature.DefinitionId, $true)  
                    write-host "Feature successfully removed from" $objName ":" $obj.Url -foregroundcolor Red  
                catch {  
                    write-host "There has been an error trying to remove the feature:" $_  
        else {  
            write-host "Feature ID specified does not exist in" $objName ":" $obj.Url  
    $contentDatabaseName = Read-Host "Enter the Content Datbase name:"  
    $featureId = Read-Host "Enter the feature Id :"  
    Remove-SPFeatureFromContentDB -ContentDB $contentDatabaseName -FeatureId $featureId –ReportOnly  

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