Can't create VM with ultra disk using portal

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I am creating an Standard_E4s_v3 at eastus2.

(ESv3-series supported:



Image: Windows 10 Pro. 22H2. x64 Gen2.

Availability options: Availability zone.

Availability zone: Zone1


using (portal tab)

OS disk type: Premium SSD

Enable Ultra Disk compatibility: checked

click on Create and attach a new disk.

source type: none

change size.

disk sku: ultra disk

custom disk size: 64

disk IOPS: 19200

Disk throughput:4000

(for IOPS and Disk throughput:

key management: platform-managed key

enable shared disk: no

delete disk with vm: checked

logical sector size: 4096

REVIEW + create:

Validation failed. Required information is missing or not valid.

there is a X mark at Disks tab.

At Disks tab: message under ultra disk: Ultra disk is supported in Availability Zone(s) 1,2,3 for the selected VM size Standard*E4s*v3

I have deleted the disk and selected availability zone 2 at basics tab, the same error.

I have deleted the disk and selected availability zone 3 at basics tab, the same error.


Is the above behavior normal?

if no

how to create a Windows VM with an attached ultra disk?

thanks in advance!

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Azure Virtual Machines
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    Hi, I hope I can help you with this question.

    To determine in which zone, you can deploy your ultra disk, run the following command:

    (Get-AzComputeResourceSku | where-object {$_.Locations.Contains($location) -and ($_.Name -eq $vmSize) -and $_.LocationInfo[0].ZoneDetails.Count -gt 0})[0].LocationInfo[0].ZoneDetails

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  1. TP 74,131 Reputation points


    That seems like you ran into a bug with the create VM code. Did you try opening up a new InPrivate/Incognito/Guest browser profile, signing in to the portal, and then filling out the create VM screens in sequence again fresh?

    Sometimes the order you select options and/or response/delay from underlying api while filling things out can cause you to hit a bug whereby it will give strange errors even when it should validate okay.

    As a test I just successfully created a VM that meets your specs exactly in East US 2.


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    Thanks to all of you for your responses.

    I'll try both of the procedures.

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  3. SCCMAdmin 86 Reputation points

    Thanks for your responses.

    I'll try both of the procedures.

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    Both of the responses are the answer.

    Here I can only mark 1 response as the answer.

    I miss technet forums.