question pertaining to the binary compound file format

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I am working off of the specification for compound binary files found here:

When attempting to parse a conforming document, I noted that the specification is ambiguous regarding how to parse the FATSECT entry in the FAT. Specifically, the specification itself provides no guidance for what to do with the data found there however the worked example in section 3.2 shows a sector chain terminated by two sequential terminators and states that one ends the directory entry sectors and the second ends the mini-FAT sectors.

I am trying to parse a file with this and I'm uncertain what to do not only because the StgOpenStorageEx et al and the open source CFB parser skip over the FAT entirely and I cannot trigger a read to be able to see how its dealt with; it appears to be archaic legacy that nothing uses and nothing publicly seems to define the format of the FATSECT inside of the FAT.

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