How to write data from notebook to dedicated sql pool

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Hello ,
so i have read excel data from ADLS and i want to write this data to dedicated sql pool how to do this?

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    @SUMIT B Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

    You may follow the below steps to read excel data from ADLS gen2 to Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool.

    Step1: To read an ecel from the ADLS gen2 - you need to have com.crealytics.spark.excel package from Maven respository.
    Based on the Spark Runtime which you are using you can pick the version - As I using the latest version Apache Spark 3.3 I'm downloading the latest jar file from here:

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    Step2: Upload the download jar file to workspace packages in Synapse Studio
    Manage => Workspace packages => Upload => Upload the downloaded jar file
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    Step3: Install the package on the Apache Spark pool which you are using to run the notebook.
    Select Spark pool from workspace => Packages => Force new setting Immediately => Select from workspace packages => Select excel package => Save
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    Step4: Wait for the package to install - you can monitor the installion here:
    Monitor => Apache Spark Application => SystemReservedJob-LibraryManagement
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    Step5: Use the sample code to read an excel file from a notebook.

    filePath = "abfss://<container
    sparkDF ="com.crealytics.spark.excel") \
        .option("header", "true") \
        .option("inferSchema", "true") \

    Step6: Use the sample code to write using AAD Authentication (Internal Table) using python connector:
    Note: If you want to use any other authentication method - you can use the scripts metioned in the article: Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool Connector for Apache Spark

    # Write using AAD Auth to internal table
    # Add required imports
    from import Constants
    # Configure and submit the request to write to Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool
    # Sample below is using AAD-based authentication approach; See further examples to leverage SQL Basic auth.
     # If `Constants.SERVER` is not provided, the `<database_name>` from the three-part table name argument
     # to `synapsesql` method is used to infer the Synapse Dedicated SQL End Point.
     .option(Constants.SERVER, "<sql-server-name>")
     # Like-wise, if `Constants.TEMP_FOLDER` is not provided, the connector will use the runtime staging directory config (see section on Configuration Options for details).
     .option(Constants.TEMP_FOLDER, "abfss://<container_name>@<storage_account_name><some_base_path_for_temporary_staging_folders>")
     # Choose a save mode that is apt for your use case.
     # Options for save modes are "error" or "errorifexists" (default), "overwrite", "append", "ignore".
     # refer to
     # Required parameter - Three-part table name to which data will be written

    As per the repro - I'm able to successfully read and excel file from ADLS gen2 and write to Synapse dedicated SQL pool.

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    Hope this helps. Do let us know if you any further queries.

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