Enterprise Mode Site List (IE mode) is converting all URLS to lowercase.

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I require the following website:


to open in IE11 mode with allow redirect. I create the following enterprise mode site list

<site-list version="2">
    <date-created>02/02/2023 21:28:08</date-created>
  <site url="bawe.accountis.net/MyCompanyName/login">
    <open-in allow-redirect="true">IE11</open-in>

However, when I view edge://compat/enterprise I see that the URL being passed is:


This is not suitable as the payment processing website is case sensitive for the company name portion of the URL. How can I enable case sensitivity with this?

It should be noted that manually added URLS to edge->settings->default browser->add retain the case sensitivity and do work, however these only last for 30 days hence me needing the enterprise list.

I am aware of the "date change manual entry" registry bodge to circumvent the 30 days, but I require this on multiple PCS and we also sync edge profiles so this will not work.

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