Why does the "Create App Packages" dialog have an option for Neutral/AnyCPU?

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Creating a package for the Store in Visual Studio with the desktop bridge (from WPF for example) used to have an option to build for Neutral and thereby build for x86, x64, ARM, etc. all at once. This stopped working since Visual Studio 17.4~ giving an error of "There was a mismatch between the processor architecture...".

So why does the "Create App Packages" dialog still have an option for Neutral/AnyCPU?

And why does it have a text on it saying "Select all architectures..." when not all are selected, since it won't build with more than one anyway?

(This is besides the question of why did Microsoft remove that option making us having to create 4 packages separately, each being around the same size as the Neutral package we used to have in the past, and having to upload each separately...)


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