Copy Activity Failing to fetch Data from Business Central using Odata Connector

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I am trying to copy data from Business Central source to Azure Database, but while connecting to Business Central table using OData Connector I am facing below error:
ErrorCode=ODataUnknownPrimitiveTypes,'Type=Microsoft.DataTransfer.Common.Shared.HybridDeliveryException,Message=The primitive type [Edm.Stream Nullable=True] is not supported at present.

I tried to copy another table with all the same setup and that is working fine, so it not ADF issue or connection issue. So I suspect it might be because of the output JSON format. Please suggest some workaround how to copy or is it really because of format, please help.

Output of the table that is working:

    "@odata.context": "$metadata#Company('0643%20CRONUS%20COPY%2013%20Ltd.')/JobRegisterETL",
    "value": [
            "No_": 1,
            "From_Entry_No_": 1,
            "To_Entry_No_": 2,
            "Creation_Date": "2021-01-05",
            "Creation_Time": "21:51:15.757",
            "SystemCreatedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
            "SystemModifiedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
            "SystemId": "ff5ac553-29e2-e911-bb23-000d3ab04c73"
            "No_": 2,
            "From_Entry_No_": 3,
            "To_Entry_No_": 4,
            "Creation_Date": "2021-01-10",
            "Creation_Time": "21:51:22.1",
            "SystemCreatedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
            "SystemModifiedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
            "SystemId": "865cc553-29e2-e911-bb23-000d3ab04c73"

Output of the table that is not working:

    "@odata.context": "$metadata#Company('GFO%20TEST')/CompanyInfo",
    "value": [
            "@odata.etag": "W/\"JzQ0O05Qc1JqY0VqeDhGZTRxTzZWVTl2MTZtRllobzU5VXZqTGlmeHliNXRHLzA9MTswMDsn\"",
            "Primary_Key": "",
            "Name": "GFO TEST",
            "Address": "5 The Ring",
            "Address_2": "",
            "City": "London",
            "County": "",
            "Post_Code": "W2 8HG",
            "Country_Region_Code": "GB",
            "Contact_Person": "Adam ",
            "Phone_No": "0-6666",
            "VAT_Registration_No": "1",
            "EYFO_Registration_No": "",
            "EYFO_Mercury_Engagement_ID": "I-1",
            "EYFO_Eng_Status_Code": "2",
            "EYFO_Eng_Status_Name": "Released",
            "EYFO_Eng_Client_Id": "XE06",
            "EYFO_Eng_Client_Name": "ABC",
            "EYFO_Eng_SubSrv_Line_Code": "0999",
            "EYFO_Eng_SubSrv_Line_Name": "ABC",
            "EYFO_Eng_Opportunity_Id": "O-IT000109",
            "EYFO_Eng_Opportunity_Name": "TAX",
            "GLN": "",
            "Use_GLN_in_Electronic_Document": false,
            "EORI_Number": "",
            "Industrial_Classification": "",
            "Picture@odata.mediaEditLink": "'GFO%20TEST')/CompanyInfo('')/Picture",
            "Picture@odata.mediaReadLink": "'GFO%20TEST')/CompanyInfo('')/Picture",
            "Fax_No": "0666-666-6660",
            "E_Mail": "",
            "Home_Page": "",
            "IC_Partner_Code": "ICP01",
            "IC_Inbox_Type": "Database",
            "IC_Inbox_Details": "",
            "Auto_Send_Transactions": false,
            "Allow_Blank_Payment_Info": false,
            "Bank_Name": "ABC",
            "Bank_Branch_No": "BG99999",
            "Bank_Account_No": "99-99-888",
            "Payment_Routing_No": "99-99-999",
            "Giro_No": "888-9999",
            "SWIFT_Code": "",
            "IBAN": "",
            "BankAccountPostingGroup": "",
            "EYBK_Bank_Agreement_No": "",
            "Ship_to_Name": "CRONUS International Ltd.",
            "Ship_to_Address": "5 The Ring",
            "Ship_to_Address_2": "Westminster",
            "Ship_to_City": "London",
            "Ship_to_County": "",
            "Ship_to_Post_Code": "W2 8HG",
            "Ship_to_Country_Region_Code": "GB",
            "Ship_to_Contact": "",
            "Location_Code": "",
            "Responsibility_Center": "",
            "Check_Avail_Period_Calc": "90D",
            "Check_Avail_Time_Bucket": "Week",
            "Base_Calendar_Code": "",
            "Customized_Calendar": "No",
            "Cal_Convergence_Time_Frame": "1Y",
            "Company_Badge": "None",
            "System_Indicator_Style": "Standard",
            "System_Indicator_Text": "",
            "Experience": "Premium",
            "EYDE_GFO_Germany": " ",
            "EYFOBooleanField": false,
            "EYFOBooleanField2": false,
            "EYFOBooleanField3": false,
            "EYFOBooleanField4": false,
            "EYFOBooleanField5": false,
            "EYFOCodeField": "",
            "EYFOCodeField2": "",
            "EYFOCodeField3": "",
            "EYFOCodeField4": "",
            "EYFOCodeField5": "",
            "EYFOCodeField6": "",
            "EYFOCodeField7": "",
            "EYFOCodeField8": "",
            "EYFOCodeField9": "",
            "EYFOCodeField10": "",
            "EYFODateField": "0001-01-01",
            "EYFODateField2": "0001-01-01",
            "EYFODateField3": "0001-01-01",
            "EYFODateField4": "0001-01-01",
            "EYFODateField5": "0001-01-01",
            "EYFODecimalField": 0,
            "EYFODecimalField2": 0,
            "EYFODecimalField3": 0,
            "EYFODecimalField4": 0,
            "EYFODecimalField5": 0,
            "EYFOIntegerField": 0,
            "EYFOIntegerField2": 0,
            "EYFOIntegerField3": 0,
            "EYFOIntegerField4": 0,
            "EYFOIntegerField5": 0,
            "EYFOTextField": "",
            "EYFOTextField2": "",
            "EYFOTextField3": "",
            "EYFOTextField4": "",
            "EYFOTextField5": ""
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  1. BhargavaGunnam-MSFT 27,656 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello Arundhati Sen,

    Welcome to the MS Q&A platform.

    It seems like Edm.Stream is not supported data type mapping for Odata.

    Please try to exclude this field from your query and try again for testing purpose.

    Reference document:

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