Can't Access Azure Trial Account. Authenticator Not Receiving Notification

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Hope somebody can help me here and I'll try and be as concise as possible.

I've recently been using the Microsoft 365 Developer Program (for work self-training purposes), as well as the Windows and Office 365 deployment lab kit. I got to a section in the lab guide that needed me to create a resource, which I couldn't do and it kept taking to the page to sign up for the Azure trial. So eventually I did (which was a bit stupid, as I thought the two link, as I'd used the same email address for both sign ups).

Anyway, I got the confirmation email and when I try to sign into the Azure Portal using my email (it's gmail), I don't get anything in Authenticator and if I click I can't access it just now, it only gives me the option to get a notification on the app or use a code from the app. I've tried the code, but on the gmail in Authenticator, the code is 8 digits and Microsoft wants 6. I tried a workaround that got me a 6 digit code, but it always says it's wrong. I even tried removing using Authenticator in my MS account and adding text message, but still only gives me those two options that wont work.

Everything else I use with Authenticator works fine (work, developer program, MS account with that gmail), just the Azure login gets me nowhere. Not sure if it's something to do with me signing up for the developer program with that gmail account, then signing up for the Azure trial with the same one (probably is).

Oh, and I've tried removing/re-adding the account a few times in the app as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm stumped now.



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