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I am replicating an on prem VM that is 30TB.Warning in azure for " The data change rate (write bytes/sec) for '\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1' has exceeded Azure Site Recovery supported limits."

My question is how do you replicate VMs this size? How much data can the process server handle from the source VM max? I saw in one of the forums it's 8GB.I haven't found anywhere in ms docs that states such.

My next question is,on the storage account,I have private endpoint created but when i disabled "public" access to ,the on prem replication cannot talk to the storage.I even choose "selected networks" with all Azure vNets and on prem public IPs and still will not work.Is public access required ?

Azure Site Recovery
Azure Site Recovery
An Azure native disaster recovery service. Previously known as Microsoft Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager.
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  1. Luke Murray 10,896 Reputation points MVP

    Hi, Dwight_Schrute

    The error log, doesn't indicate a problem with storage limit - but a lot of changes to the data, that Azure Site Recovery is having difficulty keeping replicated. This could be due to the disk type selected by Azure for your virtual machine - take a look at the Metrics, as you may need to adjust the SKU of your HDD.

    This document is worth a read: Azure Site Recovery limits

    Also take a look at the Azure VM requirements, to make sure your servers match.

    Regarding the private endpoint and your storage account - I wonder if your issue is DNS, if you do an nslookup of your endpoint, are you getting the public or private IP? Your internal DNS needs to resolve the private IP of your endpoint.

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