Desktop PC doesn't reconnect to the internet unless I am physically present to Interact

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I have a Windows 10 desktop PC connected to LAN. I use it basically as a Plex server so it's always on and I often use it remotely either by streaming through the Plex app to another location (a different home from where the desktop is located), or by using one of various remote desktop apps (chrome remote desktop, TeamViewer etc). It's set up so that I can log in remotely using these apps. This all works fine.

I.e. I'm at home using the PC, I leave, it eventually returns to the login page, but the Plex server is still working and I can steam movies from my pc to my partners address. I might use chrome remote desktop (or similar) and I log back in to access my files. This is all fine and works perfectly most of the time.

However, if, while I'm away from my PC the internet connection drops out as often happens even only for a few minutes, I can't then remotely access the PC when the internet is re-established (I.e. the router and any other devices when I remotely access a WiFi enable camera for example, (separate from the PC) that works fine, the internet is definitely back up and has connected. But the PC does not automatically reconnect, Plex tells me the server is not connected to the internet, and the remote desktop apps also suggest that there is no internet, (but I know there is because other devices have reconnected). When I physically return to the location of the the PC, I see that the PC is ready to receive my password to log in. But the internet icon displays no internet until I physically move the mouse or press a button on the keyboard, I don't even have to put my password in, literally just moving the mouse seems to trigger it to reconnect to the internet. So, how do I ensure that the PC reconnects automatically to the internet, without me going all the way home to nudge the mouse

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    Hello there,

    From your description, it seems like a Power configuration settings disabling the internet connection.

    Is another device on the same network facing this issue?

    Your modem and router need regular firmware updates to function properly with your ISP. If your equipment is running on outdated firmware, your internet may periodically disconnect due to glitches or registration issues.

    Microsoft has introduced a number of ways to reduce power usage in an attempt to increase the battery life of devices.

    One of these options includes the ability to automatically disable various hardware when power usage hits a specific amount on your computer. It’s possible that this feature is turning your Internet off, causing your computer to frequently disconnect from the network.

    Drivers are important components to have as they take care of the functionality of your connected hardware and much more. If your drivers are outdated or damaged, they won’t function as intended, causing problems.

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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