Need help in implementing an apim policy to distinguish between client using url and internal users url (with http triggers)

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I have an API management instance with my custom domain ( with several API's (function apps). I need to implement a policy to distinguish where APIM redirects to clients url ( without http triggers) and url with httptriggers used by Internal team (developers and testers)

Clients wants to use the below Urls: (Details function app api) /UAT/Details (Details function app api) (Order function app api) (Order function app api) (Invoice function app api) (Invoice function app api)

we know that API suffixes can't be the same( like we can’t use same suffix DEV for all apis in the apim), so for example, " /DEV/Details" and " /DEV/Order" can't be defined anyway. ( http triggers are list and listdetails)

so, the suffixes would need to be something like this /DEV/Price(Price is function app for Order and Invoice) therefore calling "http triggers" client won't be using, but developers and testers will, could be something like below:

and likewise we have for price function app Invoice

 but the one address that matters to client is

 so, it would be great if some sort of policy in APIM or something could catch the address call and redirects it to correct address. I mean if we could write any policy, if yes at which level we need o apply the policy, if we can distinguish between the client’s url usage and internal users (developers/testers) url usage matters only this address)---> (dev/test team should knows this address)> /DEV/Order   ---> /DEV/Price/Order /DEV/Invoice --->

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