Add Azure Active Directory Administrators fails

Solnar, David 76 Reputation points

Hi, I constantly failing with Adding Azure Active Directory Administrators (Azure AD Admins) on PostgreSQL Flexible Server.

{ "status": "Failed", "error": { "code": "DeploymentFailed", "message": "At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see for usage details.", "details": [ { "code": "Conflict", "message": "{\r\n "status": "Failed",\r\n "error": {\r\n "code": "ResourceDeploymentFailure",\r\n "message": "The 'AzureAsyncOperationWaiting' resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'.",\r\n "details": [\r\n {\r\n "code": "AadAuthPrincipalCreationFailed",\r\n "message": "Failed to create Azure AD Principal. Reason - 0LP01: An unexpected error occurred while trying to validate user."\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n}" } ] } }

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Azure Database for PostgreSQL
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  1. Joachim Løe 85 Reputation points

    If you have NSG/Firewall configured for the PostgreSQL subnet, you need to allow the connectivity to the AzureActiveDirectory service tag

    That solved it for me when I got this error message.


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