Having trouble converting to Microsoft.Graph 5.0.0 and Microsoft.Graph.Core 3.0.0

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I'm trying to update NuGet packages for Microsoft.Graph from 4.54.0 to 5.0.0 and Microsoft.Graph.Core from 2.0.15 to 3.0.0

Most of the VB.NET project, .NET Framework 4.8, I inherited has no problem with this change but there are two pieces of code that throw errors:

(I couldn't pick VB.NET as the development language so I picked the closest alternative, ASP.NET even though this is a desktop application)

            'Create a group in MS Teams
            Dim group = New Group With {
                .Description = teamDescription,
                .DisplayName = teamName,
                .GroupTypes = New List(Of String)() From {
                .MailEnabled = True,
                .MailNickname = LibraryKey,
                .SecurityEnabled = False,
                .Visibility = If(IsPrivateTeam, "Private", "Public")
            Dim data = Await graphClient.Groups.Request().AddAsync(group)

Looking at the code I think that the group variable was originally defined as a Microsoft.Graph.Group and the graphClient object as a Microsoft.Graph.GraphServiceClient when using the NuGet packages 4.54.0 and 2.0.15 respectively.

Likewise, trying to define a team variable fails

            'Create a team for the group.
            If (responseRef.StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.NoContent) Then
                Dim team = New Team With {
                   .GuestSettings = New TeamGuestSettings With {
                   .AllowCreateUpdateChannels = False,
                   .AllowDeleteChannels = False,
                   .ODataType = Nothing
                .ODataType = Nothing

                Dim response = Nothing
                    response = Await graphClient.Groups(data.Id).Team.Request().PutAsync(team)
                Catch ex As Exception
                    'Creating teams API failed sometimes, unfortunately, await method can't be used in vb.net in catch or finally statement, its only available in c#, 
                    'so If the response Is nothing, trying to call the api once again.
                End Try

With the previous NuGet packages the variable team was defined as a Microsoft.Graph.Team

Can somebody give me a simple steer on how to change these code snippets so that they will work again with the latest NuGet packages 5.0.0 and 3.0.0 ? I have looked at what documentation I can find but I'm very unfamiliar with these packages and I find it nearly impenetrable, sorry.


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