How to find the Azure Batch Python client library in Conda packaging

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I've started working with Azure Batch and use Python, with my Python environment managed by Anaconda. I'd like to install the Azure Batch Client Library and Azure Batch Management Client Library from the Azure SDK for Python in my Anaconda environments, preferably using conda instead of pip.


These are the azure.batch and azure.mgmt.batch modules (or "module packages"; whatever they're called), found in the azure-batch and azure-mgmt-batch PyPI packages. But I don't know where to find them in the Conda packaging of Azure SDK for Python.


The Azure SDK for Python introduced a Conda packaging of it back in 2021, and its use is described in the "How to install Azure library packages for Python" page. The Conda packaging differs from the PyPI packaging. The Python Azure SDK modules are packaged in to a smaller number of packages in the Conda form, with sometimes different naming.


Is the Azure Batch client library available in the Microsoft-supplied Conda packages somewhere (the ones in the microsoft conda channel, instead of the conda-forge channel)? If so, which Conda package?


And more generally, if I know what Azure SDK for Python module I want, or what PyPI package it's in, how can I find out which microsoft-channel Conda package it's in? I haven't been able to find a list of which module is in which Conda package anywhere.


There's an azure-batch conda package in the conda-forge channel (instead of the microsoft channel). But if I understand correctly, those conda-forge Azure packages are the old ones from before the 2021 introduction of the microsoft conda channel's packaging, and have different dependencies and stuff.


I'd prefer to install the Azure Batch client from the microsoft-channel Conda packages, instead of the conda-forge channel package or from PyPI/pip, for consistency with my other Azure Python packages, which are all installed from the microsoft-channel Conda packages. I've read that mixing interdependent packages from different channels can sometimes cause problems, and if you're mixing conda-managed and pip-managed packages in an Anaconda environment, you're supposed to install all the conda packages first, then the pip packages, and then don't go back and install or update any conda packages afterwards, or something like that.

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    Hi @Andrew Janke

    The Azure Batch client library is not available in the Microsoft-supplied Conda packages. However, you can install the Azure Batch Client Library and Azure Batch Management Client Library from the PyPI packages azure-batch and azure-mgmt-batch using pip.

    To install the Azure Batch Client Library and Azure Batch Management Client Library using pip, you can run the following command:

    pip install azure-batch azure-mgmt-batch

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find a list of which modules is in which Conda package. However, you can check the Microsoft Azure SDK for Python documentation for more information on how to install Azure library packages for Python.

    For any further help, you can raise a support ticket with azure batch technical support. If you don't have the ability to open a support ticket, you can send an email with your Subscription ID and link to this thread to with subject line as "ATTN: Priyanka". I can then enable your subscription for one-time free support.

    Hope this helps!

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