We are experiencing network connectivity issues on Azure Virtual Desktop for Outlook client only

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We have a number of AVD Session Hosts. occasionally on start up the Outlook client will not connect to Microsoft. It has been indicated on another question in this forum it could be due to a passivePolling reg key. Another points to IPv4 Checksum.


My question is, what is the impact of disabling the IPv4 checksum on the session host NIC?

Thank you

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    Hello @mehodge

    Thank you for reaching out to the Microsoft Q&A platform.

    The IPv4 checksum is a network protocol that verifies the integrity of data packets transmitted over the network. It is an essential mechanism for ensuring that data is transmitted correctly and without errors. Disabling the IPv4 checksum can lead to the transmission of corrupted data packets, which can cause network errors and data loss.

    Disabling the IPv4 checksum on the session host NIC could potentially increase network performance by reducing the overhead associated with calculating and verifying the checksum for every data packet. However, this performance gain must be weighed against the increased risk of data corruption and potential network errors.

    It is not recommended to disable the IPv4 checksum unless there is a specific reason to do so, and the potential risks have been fully assessed. If you are experiencing issues with Outlook connecting to Microsoft, it is recommended to investigate other potential causes and solutions before considering disabling the IPv4 checksum.

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