No Remote Desktop License Servers Available to Provide a License

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I humbly ask all to read the whole thing before asking what I have already addressed here! Thank you.

I have a single Remote Desktop Host Session full deployment on one Virtual Server. It has been working for 120 days flawlessly, till the grace period expired. Just got to busy and overlooked the time, and naturally the users started getting the message in the title of this post.

I did the following:

  • Purchased 10 CALs, and yes, they are for Windows 2022 and, yes, they are for Per User.
  • The server is domain joined.
  • The server is the connection broker, and Host Session, and I added the License server role as well.
  • Successfully added the licenses, activated it, and joined to the domain's Terminal Server License Servers group. Yes, the server is part of the domain.
  • I mentioned it above and mention it once again that yes, it is fully deployed and was working perfectly prior to expiration of the grace period.
  • Edited the Group Policy per this article:
  • Licensing Diagnoser claims that the server (the server that the diagnoser is running on) is not available, could be caused by network connectivity problems. LOL. What a .........
  • I have rebooted the server about 100 times.
  • All windows updates are done.
  • chose windows server 2019 tag, because in 2023 windows server 2022 is not available. just amazing!

All this with no success. What a nightmare! What a nightmare!!!

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Windows Server 2019
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