How to avoid getting a 429 error after several calls, eg using SpatialDataService.GeoDataAPIManager.getBoundary?

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Hi, I'm trying to get several boundaries using the Bingmaps "Microsoft.Maps.SpatialDataService.GeoDataAPIManager.getBoundary" method. Something like 30/40 calls at the start when you get into the web page. I managed to convert those asynchronous calls into synchronous ones to split the number of calls. It works most of the time but sometimes, it raises a 429 GET error even at the first call that only gets boundaries of one country. When the page is right loaded then, I use layers and don't need to make those 30/40 calls again. I'm currently thinking that saving those results would be a possible solution. Is there a way to save those getboundaries results and load them at the start or any other solution?

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    A 429 error is related to rate limiting/throttling (queries per second/QPS). It looks like you are using Bing maps, not Azure Maps so the limits work a bit differently. In Bing Maps, all non-production keys are throttled at around 5 QPS, and the default for production keys is around 50 QPS. If using a production key (e.g. are paying for the service) you can contact the Bing Maps Enterprise Support team ( and request the limit be raised on your account.

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