Microsoft Dynamics365 and Sunset of Data Export Service

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So we are currently dealing with Microsoft Dynamics365 and the sunset of Data Export Service. So I'm not really sure if I'm posting this Question into the correct Forum and Tag. And kind of a two-part question.

  • Is there any way to tell where our Source Dynamics365 Data resides based on Azure and the current Data Export Service? We have just always queried Microsoft Dynamics365 via Azure and not really sure where the source database resides and on what server and we've had such turnover here lately I honestly don't know who to ask. Does the current Azure Dynamics365 Data Export Service allude to where the source Dynamics365 database resides?
  • Microsoft has suggested Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse as the replacement for the Azure Dynamics365 Data Export Service that is going to be sunset and no longer supported. Are there any good web sites, YouTubes, Links, etc. that kind of walks you through how to set this Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse? My boss has suggested that maybe we use SSIS to data pump the Dynamics365 Data into Azure. Has anyone used SSIS to address the Dynamics365 Data Export Service being sunset?

We have currently extended our Dynamics365 Data Export Service and it will expire on 2023-05-23....Sooooo now we're under time pressure to get this new asset up and running and tested.

Any insight into replacing the Microsoft Dynamics365 Data Export Service would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks! And Thanks for your review and potential replies as well.

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