(USMT)Scanstate.exe will failed with return errorlevel 1460,timeout period expired

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When I perform the USMT migration operation, I get a scanstate error, which is in the same position every time, and I try again 3 times without success.

I checked all the error logs and found that the error was returned when WMIMigrationPlugin.dll was called for 10 minutes.We noticed that the successful log recording time is within 10 minutes, What might cause this call to time out?

The following is a partial error log.


](https://filestore.community.support.microsoft.com/api/images/b391936c-747d-4640-b30f-c017e01998b5?upload=true)2023-03-05 15:03:59, Info [0x080722] Calling IDiscovery::Gather for Plugin={ServerPath="%windir%\system32\migration\WMIMigrationPlugin.dll", CLSID={401F8281-A9B6-49F9-9F71-8AEA167EEEFD}, ThreadingModel=Apartment, ExceptionHandling=Default}, userContext: System

2023-03-05 15:03:59, Info [0x080000] IDiscovery::Gather for Plugin={ServerPath="%windir%\system32\migration\WMIMigrationPlugin.dll", CLSID={401F8281-A9B6-49F9-9F71-8AEA167EEEFD}, ThreadingModel=Apartment, ExceptionHandling=Default} - Working directory: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpCBAA.tmp\Working\agentmgr\CCSIAgent\005AE16F

2023-03-05 15:13:59, Error [0x080000] CMXEPlugin::StopTimedExecution: WMIMigrationPlugin.dll:Gather - plugin call timed out

2023-03-05 15:13:59, Error [0x080389] Failure while calling IDiscovery->Gather for Plugin={ServerPath="%windir%\system32\migration\WMIMigrationPlugin.dll", CLSID={401F8281-A9B6-49F9-9F71-8AEA167EEEFD}, ThreadingModel=Apartment, ExceptionHandling=Default}. Error: 0x800705B4

2023-03-05 15:13:59, Info [0x000000] Will add an extra error

2023-03-05 15:13:59, Error [0x000000] Read error 1460 for Action,CMXEPlugin,C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpCBAA.tmp\Working\agentmgr\CCSIAgent,%windir%\system32\migration\WMIMigrationPlugin.dll,{401F8281-A9B6-49F9-9F71-8AEA167EEEFD},Apartment,Default. Windows error 1460 description: This operation returned because the timeout period expired.[gle=0x000000cb]

2023-03-05 15:13:59, Info [0x000000] Will try to match error control for type: pre-scan, path: Action,CMXEPlugin,C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpCBAA.tmp\Working\agentmgr\CCSIAgent,%windir%\system32\migration\WMIMigrationPlugin.dll,{401F8281-A9B6-49F9-9F71-8AEA167EEEFD},Apartment,Default

2023-03-05 15:13:59, Info [0x000000] Error ignored due to /c option

2023-03-05 15:13:59, Info [0x000000] Shell application asked us to ignore this error, migration will continue.

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    Hello there,

    Can I understand are you running this .exe to create a store?

    The ScanState.exe command is used with the User State Migration Tool (USMT) 10.0 to scan the source computer, collect the files and settings, and create a store.

    You can try to register the DLL again .

    The wmimigrationplugin.dll file is typically located in the C:\ Windows\ winsxs\ x86_microsoft-windows-m..-downlevelmanifests_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_024f0ba1e4ed554c\ and has a file size of around 388096.00 (byte). This file is required for the proper functioning of applications that use the Microsoft Windows Operating System. When an application requires this file, it will be loaded into memory and run in the background.

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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