Secondary monitor only refreshing when I move or click the mouse using Windows Duplication API

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I have written a screen sharing app in C++ with the windows duplication api. When I switch the screen of my app from primary to secondary, the primary monitor remains displayed until I interact with the secondary monitor (something changes). I have tried releasing all my variables when I stop my capturing thread and then restart it with the new screen. I have looked into swapchains as found here:

I am using Windows 10 and DirectX11.

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    Hello there,

    Might be a basic step but have you tried to update the drivers and BIOS and see if that helps?

    The below scenario might also be the reason.

    While the operating system accumulates unprocessed desktop image updates, it might run out of space to accurately store the update regions. In this situation, the operating system starts to accumulate the updates by coalescing them with existing update regions to cover all new updates. As a result, the operating system covers pixels that it has not actually updated in that frame yet. But this situation doesn’t produce visual issues on your client app because you receive the entire desktop image and not just the updated pixels.

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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