How we can be sure that no one else can benefit from the azure function which integrate with Chat GPT using API key

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I want to install the SPfx for chat GPT from this link @

The steps requires creating and Azure Function which will store the API key are:-



To deploy you can use the Azure Extensions for VSCODE , go to "WORKSPACE" and on top Options select Deploy.

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Secure Azure Function App

The Azure Fucntion is secured by Authentication after deployed go to Azure and select Function App and select the Azure Function App created "OpenAIFunctionsApp"

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configure authentication

Select Authentications and you have option to create a new Azure App or select a one already created.

in this sample , create a new one.

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After go to CORS and add your SharePoint address.

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Application Settings

The function needs to have the followed environment vars defined:

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So at the end we will have an azure function which stores our secure API key. so how we can be sure that no external user can use/benefit from our azure function to create an own SPFx which call out azure function ?


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Azure Active Directory
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    Hello john john

    To prevent external users from using your Azure Function you have several options to consider and implement:

    Overall, implementing a comprehensive security strategy for your Azure Function app is essential to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access.