Azure function context.log not logging synchronously

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I expect the following to log in order from top to bottom but results show that they're not in order

// Azure function handler
export const browseIssues = context => {{ a: 'first object', b: { q: 'test 1' } });{ a: 'second object', b: { q: 'test 2' } });{ a: 'third object', b: { q: 'test 3' } });{ a: 'first string', b: { q: 'test 1' } }));{ a: 'second string', b: { q: 'test 2' } }));{ a: 'third string', b: { q: 'test 3' } }));'first simple string');'second simple string');'third simple string');


Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 22.52.56

Any ideas on why this is happening and how to remedy this? Issue seems to be confined in azure context's log as console.log logs synchronously.

Node version: v18.12.1

Here's a sample barebones repository where this can be reproduced

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Azure Functions
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