Azure monitor timeout errors

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Hi there!

We run an application on AKS. Collecting k8s events to log analytics. We use Azure Managed Grafana with Azure Monitor as a source for alerting. Everyday we're getting DatasourceError alerts due to timeouts between Grafana and Azure monitor. Errors we're getting:

  • Error = failed to execute query A: request failed, status: 503 Service Unavailable
  • Error = failed to execute query A: request failed, status: 529
  • Error = failed to execute query A: Get ... Error = failed to execute query A: Get

I don't think we cause too much load. We have about 20 alerts in total. Intervals between evaluations are 5-15 minutes. Is this expected that Azure Monitor returns timeouts/is unavailable everyday? Is there anything we can tune to make it more reliable? Thank you in advance

Azure Monitor
Azure Monitor
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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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Azure Managed Grafana
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    Seems like a config issue or timeout between the Grafana and Azure monitor, did you raise this query with Grafana? If not I will suggest you to put this same query with Grafana. However you can check the timeout settings for Azure Monitor APIs -

    Hope this helps



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  2. Bluematador 0 Reputation points

    Hi team,
    We are having the same issue over here. The request interval is 5 minutes, and we don't execute more than 20 requests.

    We are using Java SDK

    "" % "azure-resourcemanager" % "2.26.0"

    Here is the log: Status code 529, "{"cost":0,"timespan":"2023-06-02T13:47:00Z/2023-06-02T13:57:00Z","interval":"PT1M","value":[{"id":"/subscriptions/cb2e7cfe-f7f5-402a-87e6-4305c8fa48d3/resourceGroups/site-recovery-vault-rg-1/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/v5edrisiterecovasrcache/fileServices/default/providers/Microsoft.Insights/metrics/SuccessE2ELatency","type":"Microsoft.Insights/metrics","name":{"value":"SuccessE2ELatency","localizedValue":"Success E2E Latency"},"displayDescription":"The average end-to-end latency of successful requests made to a storage service or the specified API operation, in milliseconds. This value includes the required processing time within Azure Storage to read the request, send the response, and receive acknowledgment of the response.","unit":"MilliSeconds","timeseries":[],"errorMessage":"Query was throttled with reason: ServerBusy. Requested Metric:XStoreShoeboxwestus3|XStore|SuccessE2ELatency. Output Dimensions: ResourceId. Dimension Filters: AccountResourceId,ApiName,Authentication,Container,Environment,GeoType,microsoft.resourceGroupName,microsoft.resourceId,microsoft.resourceType,microsoft.subscriptionId,ObjectType,Region,ResourceId,Tenant. FirstOutputSamplingType: NullableAverage. Start time: 6/2/2023 1:47:00 PM End time: 6/2/2023 1:56:00 PM. Resolution: 00:01:00, Last Value Mode: False. Context:MetricsMP, CustomerId:Unknown. TraceID:{0ca441b8-42cb-4522-a89d-1ca77597f2d0};AzSubId=cb2e7cfe-f7f5-402a-87e6-4305c8fa48d3;AzResType=Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/fileServices;AzRegion=westus3;, IsUserQuery:1, ClientTimeout:00:01:40, ClientName:GatewayService-API->QueryServiceCoordinator, ElapsedTime(ms):0, Exception:Microsoft.Online.QueryService.Contracts.QueryThrottledException: Query service is overloaded and is not accepting new queries at this time: too many queries in flight.\r\n   at Microsoft.Online.Metrics.QueryServiceCoordinator.Throttling.QueryCapacityThrottlingManager.CheckCapacity(String clientName, Boolean throttlingBypassMode, Boolean isPercentileGroupByQuery, Boolean isDistinctCountGroupByQuery) in D:\\dbs\\sh\\acem\\0526_171745\\cmd\\4\\src\\QueryService\\QueryServiceCoordinator\\Throttling\\QueryCapacityThrottlingManager.cs:line 106\r\n   at Microsoft.Online.Metrics.QueryServiceCoordinator.QueryCoordinator.<ExecuteAsync>d__51.MoveNext() in D:\\dbs\\sh\\acem\\0526_171745\\cmd\\4\\src\\QueryService\\QueryServiceCoordinator\\QueryCoordinator.cs:line 412.","errorCode":"Throttled"}],"namespace":"Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/fileServices","resourceregion":"westus3"}"

    Thank you!!