MFA via text (SMS) message instead of authenticator app on Azure B2C tenant

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currently, we have users authenticating via the Microsoft Authenticator application regarding MFA. However, for some reasons, we need to switch two users from using this technique to authenticating via text message (SMS) which would be the default way of authentication.

How am I supposed to achieve this?

I did this (, so the test user does have a phone number associated with the account but when I log into the test user I am prompted with application setup for MFA. And there is no mention of a text message or something like this.

There is also this ( where I am told to go to the "Policies" tab under Security -> Authentication methods in order to allow text message authentication method but in B2C tenant there is not "Policies" tab. Look, it is not there, unfortunately:

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 21.03.27

I did not find any documentation regarding this issue focused only/primarily on Azure B2C tenants for using GUI tools like a portal or even PowerShell. What should I do in order to fix this issue?

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