How to configure Logic App MS SQL trigger for Built-in connector

Aubrey Price 5 Reputation points

We're migration ISE to ASE model due to deprecation of ISE. Trying to configure MS SQL workflow trigger to migrate from ApiConnector / Managed SQL Server connector to Logic App built-in connector. According to this article, SQL workflow triggers are supported:

Have tried both "When a row is modified" and "When a row is updated" but cannot get these to work. The Managed / Api connectors had a configuration for "How often do you want to check for items" but these new triggers do not seem to have this configuration element.

Has anyone had any success using SQL triggers with built-in connector model?

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  1. MayankBargali-MSFT 70,006 Reputation points

    @Aubrey Price Thanks for reaching out. The SQL trigger requires change tracking to be enabled not with change data capture.

    The SQL trigger uses SQL change tracking functionality to monitor a SQL table for changes and trigger a function when a row is created, updated, or deleted. Internally it used the same as azure function as documented here.

    Therefor there is no configuration "How often do you want to check for items" as it uses the SQL change tracking.

  2. Grippi, Victor 0 Reputation points

    I'm using the "When a row is inserted" SQL connector in my logic app workflow. I turned on change tracking on the Azure SQL DB and the table in question per requirements. The connector connects to the SQL instance okay, but never triggers when a row is inserted. No errors or indications to troubleshoot.

    If change tracking is a requirement, then this connector must be polling at a certain interval the SQL function CHANGETABLE. Or does it? Or does it need certain permissions which I would expect would have been in an error message?

    Has anyone been able to get this to work?

    Test workflow

    It will trigger if I manually press the Run button, but then the output body is empty, and nothing is sent to the next step. But this is a trigger and needs to automatically trigger when a row is inserted.