Since 11th March we get a lot of "The Apns certificate is expired" error even after uploading fresh certificate

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Since 11th Match we get a lot of "The Apns certificate is expired" errors even after uploading fresh certificate.

Notifications are delivered successfully.

In Azure Portal -> Metrics :

  • I see many "APNS Successful Notifications"
  • I see 0 (zero) APNS Errors, APNS Expired Channel Error, APNS Authorization Errors, All Incoming Failed Requests

After uploading fresh certificates nothing changed. We still get errors.

We use Microsoft.Azure.NotificationHubs, Version= nuget package.

Where we should look for a solution?

Does anybody knows where such problem could be located?

Azure Notification Hubs
Azure Notification Hubs
An Azure service that is used to send push notifications to all major platforms from the cloud or on-premises environments.
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