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I have created a training model through Syntex for a group of training certificates of our staff.

Essentially I have set the model up to extract info such as name, training course, company etc and save within a folder on SharePoint.

Two issues:

  1. Some ceritificates are formatted in different ways so once the info is extracted into the SharePoint columns some values are in all caps, lower case etc. Is there any way the columns can be automatically formatted to adjust to sentence case.
  2. Once the certificates are in the Documents folder I need them to be organised, so depending on the person who completed the course (name is in Name column) this confirms where the document is moved to. As there is around 30 employees with certificates is their an easy way through automate to do this? Eventually I want to have alerts set up based off the expiry date column so the team know when they are due without the need to check each cert individually.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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