Dynamic HDD Provisioning Hyper-V Cluster

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Is there a way to see how much dynamically HDD space I've allocated without going to each VM "settings page" and adding it up?

I can go to Failover Cluster Manager >Storage > Disks and see my SAN attached LUNs and those LUNs will show the space that's actual being used by the VMs, but how about the total amount of dynamic storage the VM's on that LUN have been actually allocated when built.

If I was the only person creating VM's it wouldn't be that hard to track, but with multiple people creating VM's and different amounts of storage being allocated per VM I don't want to get into a situation where the Dynamically allocated space (IF fully used) consumes the entire LUN.

I don't have VMM (I'm not even sure if this would show me).

Any ideas?


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Windows Server Clustering
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    Thank you for your question and reaching out. I can understand you are having query\issues related to Dynamic disk information from Hyper-V Cluster.

    You can use below Powershell from your Hyper-V Cluster to get Dynamic disk information allocated to VMs.

    $Cluster = "MyCLUSTERNAME.mydom.local"

    $SaveTo = "C:\Test\Disknfo.csv"

    $HVNodes = Get-ClusterNode -Cluster $Cluster

    $Results = ForEach ($HVNode in $HVNodes) {

    Invoke-Command -Computername $HVNode.name {   
    ForEach ($VM in (Get-VM)){
    Get-VM -Name $VM.name | Select-Object VMID | get-vhd | Where-Object {$_.vhdType -eq "Dynamic"} | fl @{Label="VirtualMachine";Expression={($VM.name)}},ComputerName, Path, VHDFormat, VHDType

    $Results | out-file -FilePath $SaveTo

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