My test was revoked by the proctor at Pearson Vue - Case # 09338639

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I took my first Microsoft AZ900 Test on 3/8/23. This is my first time taking a Proctored test via Webcam. I had problems successfully loading my pictures and ID even though I logged on 30 minutes prior to the test starting. As a result, I kept my phone and My ID in my hand because I did not believe it successfully loaded. I was holding my phone and my ID up in front of the camera so that the proctor could see that I was having an issue.

I did not see any response or hear any response from the proctor. The proctor came on and asked me to move more in front of the camera, and I complied. I held my phone and ID to the proctor and asked him if I needed these, since I did not believe they successfully loaded. The proctor did not respond. I asked twice.

I stood, without moving my feet, and I put the phone and the ID on a stand behind the camera, and then sat back down. I never left from being in front of the camera. This took about 5 seconds. The test downloaded. A note popped up and the Proctor asked me why did I move, and I told them because they did not respond about the ID and phone, I therefore put it on the table behind the camera because I know it would be a violation to have my ID and phone with me during the test. I never left the front of the camera and my feet never moved (I sit on a stool).

I began taking the test. About 3 minutes into the test, I got a message that the test was revoked.

I believe this is wrong and I should be refunded my money:
#1 - I never left being in front of the camera. I did move very close to the camera since the desk was behind the camera. Took about 5 seconds and did not move from in front of the camera.

#2 - The proctor did not respond to multiple notifications from me that I didn't think my ID loaded correctly and if they needed my ID or the data that I had uploaded from my phone.

#3 - This happened before the test began. After I sat back down, the test downloaded.

#4 - I would like a copy of the video, in that it will show that I never left from in front of the camera.

#5 - I want my fee refunded.

Whom do I contact?

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